Soffy Puppy Tales
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About the Soffy Pups
Ally & Bama are English setter sisters.  
They are the SOFFY Pups or SOFFY Girls
as we call them.  They travel with SOFFY Ministries as they minister to the children about Jesus.  Throughout the month they go into local communities and minister to the people.  They have their own ministry materials and every month give food to area shelters to support the homeless pets. Last year this part of SOFFY was able to be part of over 20,000 pounds of dog food being donated to starving Alaskan sled dogs (Proverbs 12:10) with the help and support of Walmart.
The care and food for the pups is not paid for by the ministry, and is privately donated.  However, they have received some nice gifts and snack money (which they tithed and donated most of it).
Can you tell where we were born from our names?  That's right, Alabama.
"Good people take care of their animals."
Proverbs 12:10
(NCV The Youth Bible)
This is our Ally girl.  God did a miracle healing in her this past December.
Ally was very sick and the doctor had to do emergency surgery on her.  Many doctors say that operations are serious on animals.  
We prayed with Ally and with the doctor.  Ally, Bama and Pastor Jim & I listened to tapes on healing and read God's Word to Ally before she went into surgery.
God heard our prayers and Ally was healed!  God loves His animals very much.  Print and color the Soffy Puppy Tales Activity Sheet.   Click Here
Do you like going to a birthday party?  Well, so do Ally & Bama.
Bama was born on January 2nd. Ally was born on January 16th.
They both enjoy birthday cake
made especially for pets.  They
each get many presents and
share their snacks with one
another.  Ally especially loves a
party and they both like to dress
up in their many outfits.
Good people take
care of their animals.
Proverbs 12:10a (NCVYB)
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