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Hi, Soffy Kidz!
Today's story is: A Promise Kept
Memory Verse:
For God so loved the world that He gave His only Begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him will not die, but will have everlasting life. (John 3:16)
It is a wonderful time of year where lights and decorations are shining everywhere you look.  They are in many bright colors and sizes.  Some are fast moving lights, some move slowly or not al all.
Children eagerly wait Christmas for morning and run to see if there are presents under the tree.  Adults get all the activities together and shop for the food for the celebration.  They finally relax on Christmas morning when it all comes together for an exciting day with their family and friends.  
Many people go to church on Christmas morning before they open their gifts.  They go to celebrate the birth of Jesus the Savior with other believers.  It is a great time of worship and praise in God`s house as carols are sung.  We celebrate that God kept His promise to the world when He sent Jesus to earth.
There are so many things to learn about the birth of Jesus.  We have learned the story of how Mary and Joseph traveled to Bethlehem the place where Jesus would be born.  But we don`t learn much about the actual day of His birth.
When Joseph and Mary arrived in Bethlehem it was late during the day.  He wanted to rent a room for the night, but because there were so many people in town, all the rooms were taken.  The innkeeper suggested they use the stable where the animals lived that was behind the inn.  The inn was stone and the stable was attached to the back of the inn, like our garages are built onto our houses.
The stable was not made of wood or straw, but of stone.  The temperature in the cave was comfortable and too warm for the animals to be inside on that particular night.  That is why the animals and shepherd's were in the fields when the angel came to visit them about Jesus being born that night.
After Jesus was born, Mary wrapped Him in long strips of cloth to keep warm.  Wrapping a baby snuggly in cloth was done for all babies in that country.  A baby would be wrapped so that the bones of their arms and legs would grow straight.  They did this each day for three to six months.
It may seem that Mary and Joseph were not prepared for the birth of Jesus, but that is not true.  They were ready for the Promise child to be born.  Joseph had money to pay for a room, and Mary knew what she needed for her newborn baby.  
There were many families with them that night, and the older women helped Mary with Jesus.  Israelite women never had to do things alone, because they were always ready to serve God and one another.  They loved helping Mary take care of baby Jesus and they did not complain.
This year before you open your presents, what will you do for Jesus?  Is there something you could do to help your family get ready for the holidays?  Will you remember to thank God for sending Jesus to earth for us?
God sent Jesus to earth to show us how much He loves us.  Jesus taught about God`s love and forgiveness.  God wants all His children to get along and love one another.  On Christmas day, remember to pray and thank God for all the love He has given us and for His Son Jesus. Tell Jesus that you love Him and will be a good servant and help out in the activities of the day. That would be a great gift to give Jesus for His birthday.
Before any presents are open, be sure to read Luke 2:1-21 to the family or ask someone to read it out loud.  Sing Happy Birthday to Jesus, Christmas is about giving gifts, and God gave the very best gift.  His name is Jesus!
Do you think you can answer these questions? Put on your Soffy Kidz Cap and think real hard.
Use the color coding
to help you find the answers.
Answer True or False
1. Many people go to church on Christmas morning.
2. We celebrate that God kept His promise to the world when He sent Jesus to earth.
3.  When Joseph and Mary arrived in Bethlehem it was early
4. The temperature in the cave was cold.
5.  A baby would be wrapped so that they could not walk.
6. God sent Jesus to earth to show us how much He loves us.
7. Jesus taught about God`s love and forgiveness.
Have you asked Jesus
to forgive you of
all your sins?
 You can do it today.
How did you do?  
How did you do?  I know that you did really well, because all of my Soffy Kidz are the smartest children in the world!  You are my star pupils!
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My name is Lily May.  
The other day my parents had a lady visit us at our house.  She was nice and friendly.
Thanks for joining me today for our story.
It's time to go. Let's pray together.
Thank you Heavenly Father for the time we had today.
Keep us safe along our merry way.
Lord help us to be nice in what we do and say.
Thank you for healing me from any sickness and disease,
and for teaching me what to say whenever I start to sneeze.
God bless my family, Miss Cher and me too,
and help me to be good in school and follow all the rules.
I love you Heavenly Father, Holy Spirit and Jesus too,
and look forward to the time that I can see and hug you.
In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.
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