Praise God with us as you read these testimonies.
(Taken from letters & web mail.)
Praying for one another not only is Biblical, but it really does work.  The key is to line your prayer up with believers who will stand with you according to the Word of God, no matter what report they receive.  They receive healing, deliverance and answers to prayer because of their faith in God and His Word.
I always have a praise for God.  I am thankful for parents that talk nicely to me even when I`m not always on my best behavior.  Read more about Lily.
Devil Get Out!
When I moved into my new home with my family I used to get afraid to go outside at night or even go downstairs in my own home.  I didn't know the area well and would be afraid.  This happened for over a year, until Miss Cher taught on casting out all fear and anxiety.  She told me that as God's child satan had no rights over my thoughts, my family or home and I was to
command him to leave in the name of Jesus.  I did that and now I can go anywhere I want day or night and not be afraid!  I stepped into the Faith
Zone like she says.  God is with me all the time and I am not afraid anymore.
(Kevin age 13)
Prayer in  Agreement Works...
Since I came to your church, the kids prayed over me for healing on my eyes, and God healed me.  Later on in the week my back hurt and I prayed and God healed me again.                                                        (Brandy age 12)
Jesus, Name Above All Names
The devil was putting all kinds of evil thoughts in my head.  Pastor Jim told me that I could call out the name of Jesus if I couldn't think of a verse I needed.  I did it and it worked.  The devil tried doing it again so I said, "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus" out loud.  The evil thoughts have gone away and not
come back.                                                                                             (Dot)
Let the Children "Come unto Me"
We prayed together that God would heal my cut finger and He did.    
               Jeremiah (age 6)
God Hears the Children
I prayed and asked God for it to snow.  The next day I told my dad that it
smelled like snow.  Later that day it snowed, and we got about 3 feet of snow.   God answered my prayer.                                               ( Alexis age 4)
Another Child Comes Home
I went to the nursing home with our church visit.  Pastor Jim led us in a
prayer of salvation and I asked Jesus into my heart.                  (Mike age 13)
A New Name Is Written
I heard Miss Cher teaching about the Lamb's Book of Life, and I told her, "My
name isn't in that book.  I want it to be."  We prayed together and I asked Jesus into my heart.  Now my name is written in the Lamb's Book of Life and I'll see it there when I go to Heaven.   I told her it's probably written in gold!!!                    
(Jeremiah age 7)
A Colorful Impression
I like your web site.  It is very colorful and fun.  I like the dogs. Allegra age 10
Passing the Test of Faith
The devil was trying to prevent me from taking my semester finals for
college.  I knew that you were praying for me concerning my classes.  I
believed God for my healing and didn't miss any of my exams.  God heals
when we pray and believe His Word.
He also answers the prayers of others and I did excellent on the exams and overall in the classes.                                                                        (Georgia)
Believing with me
I want to thank Pastors Jim & Cher for being there for my family in a time of need, and being our family.                                                                 (Steven)
Message from Afar
GOD BLESS YOU !!!!!!!  I enjoyed and was blessed by your message that I
received from a friend.  This is one of the best mails that I  have ever received!  More please!    Kentucky       (From "Faith Based on Love")
Have a praise to report?  Tell us how God is working in your life.  It's time to testify what God has done!  E-mail
God hears your prayers.  Pray for others.  Ask God to forgive you for the things you have done wrong.  Ask God to heal you.  He loves you very much and wants to hear from you every day.
Gathering the Children
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