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G Color Activity
Gary the Goose
I have a friend, Gary Goose is his name.
He read the mail as soon as it came.
He looked in each item,
for words beginning with G.
And when he found them,
he would shout with glee!
Many words begin with the letter G
And so do some things you and I see.
Golden flowers and grass
are a few things God made for you and me.
These are some things my friend would say.
And would go on saying "g" words all day !
I'm glad that God made things beginning
with g.  It makes it fun for you and me!
Count the words beginning with the letter g.  
How many did you find?  Look for G and g.
God made the animals.
He made me too.
God made the giraffes
That live in the zoo.
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