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Christopher Columbus was born in 1450.  His first voyage was in 1492 when he landed at an island in the West Indies that he called El Salvador.  We remember him best for this trip, but he made four trips from Spain to America.  
In 1493 he took his second voyage and didn't return home until 1496.
Columbus left for his third voyage in 1498.
His last voyage was in 1502, and Columbus died in 1506.
Answer the questions from the events in the story.
1.   What year was Columbus born? ____________
2.   When did he leave for his first voyage? _______
3.   How long was he gone on his second voyage? __________
4.   His third voyage started  in _____________.
5.   When did he go in his fourth voyage? ____________
6.   Name the island where Columbus first landed. _____________  
 7.   Columbus traveled four times from _________ to ___________.
8.   What year did Columbus die?
9.   What did Columbus travel in on his voyages? ______________
10.  How old was Columbus when he died? __________
"Then if my people, who are called by My name are sorry for what they have done, if they pray and obey Me and stop their evil ways, I will hear them from Heaven, I will forgive their sin, and I will heal their land."    2 Chronicles 7:14 (TYB)
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